Increase the Revenue of Your Clinic!

How will You Benefit?
"Get-More-Patients" solution is designed for Private Clinics.  It brings a substantial number of New Patients. These results are Guaranteed by our Business Model and our International references confirm it.
And we Only-Get-Paid after we Keep Our Promise.
Get A Whole Team Of Sales and Marketing Experts to Work for You
After we sign the contract you will see NEW patients coming in within couple of months. This time is needed to establish a professional CALL CENTRE in your region and OPTIMISATION of SEARCH PROCESS tailored to your business.
 Our Business Model is based on Increased Number of Patients at your Clinic and we receive a Percentage of Revenue that these customers alone generate for you.
Marjan Fabjan, M.D.
Founder of "Estetika Fabjan"
These guys doubled my business in 2 years. It's an awesome achievement, as we always thought that market is saturated and we were already way bigger than our competition. 
dr. Violeta Ašanin, M.D.
Founder of "Diona Hospital"
We started cooperation very recently and patients are already coming to my practice. I am thrilled about such a quick start.
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Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed by our Business Model.
We Only Get Paid, if we Get-More-Patients.

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Discover the
Plastic Surgery Sales Solution


Get-More-Patients at your Clinic by outsourcing us for Active Search and Advanced Data based processing of NEW Patients.

Successful private practices use our proffesional help to Get-More-Patients and focus on being best at what they do, namely operate. Our solution brings patients to your clinic and you have the posibility to turn them into business.
Our search is oriented towards social medial, internet and video channels, where we actively look for appropriate patients that desire an aesthetic procedure. Once the contact is initiated it is directed to CALL CENTRE for analysis, understanding of needs and evaluation of their potential to convert their need into business for your clinic. Potential clients are sent for a free counstation in your clinic with attached evaluation, so that you can focus purely on MEDICAL part of conversation.


How many Customers can you bring?

It depends on the size of your region, so please Send us an Email, and we can make a FREE estimation for your private practice.


Frequently Asked Questions






How do I pay for your Services?

There is no fixed cost for your company. We get paid only for the additional patients that we bring to your practice, as a percentage of business they make with you, and nothing more.

How soon will I see more Revenue for my company?

First patients will be in your practice in very short time and you will be performing more operations already in 2 months time. WE GUARANTEE!


Will my competitors benefit from your solution as well?

We enter into Exclusive Agreement only with one Clinic in specific area. From our experience our partner gains Substantial Competitive Advantage against their competitors.


Can I do it on my Own?

Our services are additional to any campaign that you are doing or want to do on your own. If you wish, you are free to have marketing and advertising on your own as well.

How can you know what do Patients in my market want?

We are not generating the need for aesthetic surgery, we search for those patients that want to have a surgery and send them to Your Clinic, instead of to your competitors.


We mastered different channels in order to assure broad search for New Patients.

  • Social Media are Actively Searched for Patients (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Advertising on Google and YouTube
  • Periodic Newsletters, Brochures and Mails

1. Active Search for New Patients


How does it Work?

3. Evaluation and Classification


Patients are evaluated and results delivered to you, so you have data available already before consultation.

  • All potential patients Undergo an Assessment on 2 dimensions:
        ​-  Willingness and Need to have a plastic surgery
        -  Initial ability to Pay

  • Based on educated Evaluation patients are Distributed To:
        -  Live Consultation
       -  E-Consultation
       -  Elimination


2. Patient Support and Management


Our main focus is towards the Patients, so we carefully guide and assist them.

  • Patients are guided through all required steps by professional Call Center
  • In-House CRM is used for Patient Management
  • Each patient receives SMS reminders and details of her appointment
  • Patients come for surgery with adequate LAB results and any other requirements fullfilled.


4. Overcoming Objections


Focusing on patients Objections and Solving their issues is our Strenght.

  • We assist the patients to Assure Financing for the procedure
        -  With Monthly Rates (up to 24)

        -  To Qualify for Bank Loan
  • Scheduled Contacts are executed to discuss entire process
  • Patient Care Brochures are sent about certain procedures
         -  Breast surgery

         -  Different facial surgeries
        -  Liposuction
        -  Facial rejuvenation


5. Assuring Returning Customers


Process is designed in order to yield more business with the Same Patients.

  • After the Successful Surgery Patients Remain in the System 
  • Regular Reminders and Offers are sent to them in order to Motivate them for another Aesthetic Procedure
  • Patients with additional needs are send for another Live Consultation







This is How we do it.

Grow Your Clinic and
Follow Your Vision

Our Dream has always been to Grow in revenue in order to open a Clinic in Another Country. But, after 5 years of similar revenues and financial crysis taking ever stronger toll, our private clinic was at a crossroad. Should we continue with our business, as we are used to, and forget about internationalization? Or maybe we could find a Partner that will help us Get-More-Patients? 

We have decided to use the opportunity and create strong alliance with "Get-More-Patients" Company. After only two full years of cooperation we have Doubled Our Incomes and generated enough cash-flow to Internationalize Our Business. In 2016 we have opened new clinics in Germany and Italy.


Increase the Revenue of Your Clinic!

Get-More-Patients at your Clinic by outsourcing us for Active Search and Advanced Data based processing of NEW Patients.